If that diamond ring don’t shine…

So as I write this its 34 F degrees, any degree above 32 is is okay by me, but my preference is 40 degrees above the freezing point. Given the snow and ice today, of course my thoughts tonight went to the beach.  This was taken on a soft late summer night, late August I think. I went to the city beach just to see the sun set (with one eye peeled for the elusive green flash) and my other eye on the look out for anything picture-able. Aha, it was this  tottlin’ toddler and her doting dad (sorry, the picture made me say that.) It was just a very warm close to a beautiful day.

2 thoughts on “If that diamond ring don’t shine…

  1. Nick,
    Like the shot, especially the glowing edges around the toddler and dad. And yes, I do understand how pictures can cause uncontrolled alliteration.


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