Sky High Manhattan

I was on an assignment in Brooklyn, BROOKLYN I couldn’t believe it!  Here I was, home of my mother-in-law and countless stories read,  but I was constrained by the task at hand, I was assigned for the next three days to review (as it turned out) an admirable human service organization. I love my work, but man, I wanted to be on the street. This was BROOKLYN. I was able to spend some time on Sunday morning on the Promenade, but the light was all wrong and nothing really inspired me, except the view of the bridge and the lower east side and realization that I was in BROOKLYN! All week, where to go, no time, no opportunity, eat, work, sleep. Monday Tuesday Wednesday I was in every borough but the Bronx and Manhattan. So on the last day, we finished a bit before noon, and a car was scheduled to pick me up at 2:30 pm to take me to LaGuardia for my flight home.

Nothing to do…

However, there was, an Elliott Erwitt exhibit at the International Center for Photography, oh that was worth seeing, but the ICP is in Manhattan and I was in BROOKLYN. And us west Michigan folks don’t know nothin’ ’bout subways, but Erwitt beckoned and I caved, and jumped on the “A” Train and was in midtown in a flash. I walked my way to 43rd street and to the ICP and saw the most exciting exhibit of documentary photography ever! Erwitt is a new hero, and not just for the dogs. As I gazed, I eavesdropped on other visitors and some, apparently knew Erwitt personally, at least from the conversation I overheard. Oh, the whole experience was heady and I was filled, filled with inspiration. Camera on my shoulder, my finger wouldn’t leave the shutter.

This was a good day, even if I missed my plane, no care, I had just had an event in NYC!

Walking back to the station, camera ready, so pumped, so much street life, it was hard to focus (or rather think about focus.) Well…about two blocks from the ICP, the cross street was blocked off and a skate board competition was in full, and so about eighty exposures later, and a ticking clock; my heart racing, this is what I came away with. Fled away, caught the train (thank god I chose the right side of the station.)

In BROOKLYN in front of the hotel, my car was waiting, I smiled, gathered my luggage and climbed in; at the airport, I tipped really well.

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