Still Life in a Diner

It is often suggested that we pre-visualize the photograph. But sometimes  when just playing around, a moment “comes a creeping”, a little splash of inspiration happens, an overwhelming need is felt ; and the picture  just can’t not be taken.  Was it just a grab shot, a “spray and pray, ” or was it something seen and/or felt at a deeper level of consciousness?

What is pre-visualizing exactly? Oh, I know, I know,  when Ansel Adams describes it, I understand it “perfectly.”  I completely agree in theory and in intention. But in this case, I saw and shot knowing it was there, but it wasn’t until post process, that I cropped, and tweaked and  I saw what I felt.

Brooks Jensen talks of documentary vs., diaristic photography, or in his other words he “responds’ to the image.

When do you pre-visualize and when do you respond?

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3 thoughts on “Still Life in a Diner

  1. Very nice! I like the way the cool-tone background contrast with the warm foreground and how the simple, and austere shapes of everything else contrast with the energy and complexity of the flower. Well done.


  2. I think the more you do a task (painting, photography, etc.) the more you can pre-visualize your project – like looking through the camera while it is still in the bag. Over time, what seems like a “response” is actually almost instant pre-viz, but this only happens when something inspires you. The hard part is making the actual picture look like the image in our head – the heart of success or frustration. Other times we find something interesting (even puzzling) but need to take time to look for what inspires us in an image either through different compositions or cropping.

    Just my thoughts


  3. By the way, I really like the image. The rich colors have a soothing effect – even with it not being a nature shot. Only thing to watch for is the top of the jar lines up with the back of the seat – but that is being picky


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