What I Learned in the Mountains

In case it does not become obvious, let me disclose now this was my first trip to west, on the ground anyway.

There is just something about the land as it changes from farms to ranches to rock.

  • Although they stand still, mountains and vistas are NOT EASY to photograph..
  • Getting up a 4 am from a warm sleeping bag is NOT EASY, probably easier from a bed in a hotel (just thinking?)
  • For those of us used to pavement and asphalt, moderate hikes in National Parks are NOT  really.
  • Heat exhaustion is NOT fun.
  • In the future, I should NOT rely on VR. I need to bring the tripod, no matter how much it weighs.
  • Passion is NOT just a declaration, it needs to be real.
  • I am NOT a landscape photographer, yet.

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