End of Season

We are moving headlong into the last week of summer.  The schools are active and the beaches are less so. And even though the last few weeks are busy, even frenetic for those soon to leave; there is a quietness that presumes the end of the season, a stillness of mind that suggests the last couple of months are now memories; shades of sunsets and time well spent in gardens, water, sand and patio suppers.

Oh, the harbor front will not slow down. Folks will frequent it ‘til the Sunday after Thanksgiving; but the river – in the last week of August seems to flow just a bit slower. Almost as if getting ready for the for the surfers and kite enthusiasts and salmon fisherman that are next to take charge; as if it needs to restore the depths before Lake Michigan returns to its sometimes rages in early autumn and late November.

I especially like this time of closure, and the sound of pipes across the dunes!

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