Social Landscape

Early this morning I could not sleep, I was seeing images in post processing, but I was doing and redoing and even when I got it right, I wasn’t happy. So, I woke up.

I learned recently that you can get rid of “ear worms,” those annoying songs that get hooked in your ear, if you sing the song through from beginning to end. So I got up and went downstairs to look through photography books.  And very cleaver if I do say; and not just to look, but actually read the introductions.

I find the books exciting, although the introductions are usually burdensome but just the thing to take my mind off my dream/images. This particular book was no exception; Contemporary Photographers Toward a Social Landscacpe, 1966. It featured the photographers Bruce Davidson, Gary Winogrand, Danny Lyons, Duane Michaels and Lee Friedlander. The introduction was by Nathon Lyons and as I read it (and re-read and sometimes again) eventually I began to get a clearer thought about, the notion of social landscape.

Well regardless, in the early gray dawn, the image-worms took flight!

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