October Anenomes

Backstory: We are a two-camera family. I shoot a Nikon D300 and Sara uses a Nikon D700. The difference of course is that the D700 has a full frame sensor. Does it make a difference? I think so. However, I am devoted to the notion that vision is a matter of personal insight, knowledge, inner resources and practiced skill; and not gear. So, I’ve spent the last couple of years doing all of my practicing with the D300. I’m not unhappy.

Yesterday, however, we went a granddaughter’s soccer game and since we have a wonderful FX lens, perfect for middle-school soccer, I decided the game might be best served with the D700. Unfortunately, the opposition team failed to show; a couple a team pics and grand-daughters candid, that was it! My re-introduction to the D700 was merely a meet-and-greet, and hardly a handshake at that.  But today! 70+ degrees and sunny on the 25th of October in the shady state of Michigan; I took one last trip to the garden.

PS: I was trying for negative space, but could not resist that little spark of color in the lower left. What do you think?

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