Three Days Before

Every year at this time, at the end of July, my town (Grand Haven, Michigan) salutes the U.S. Coast Guard. They’ve had a presence here for a long time and we appreciate them, truly we do. We are also known to be the first city in the USA designated a Coast Guard City. Thank you Canada, we are an unsalted coast! We salute the USCG with many municipal events, not the least of which (actually the biggest) is a two and a half hour parade held on the last day of the 10 day festival.

In the preceding days we’ve danced in our streets, drank a bit o’ beer, toured “ships”, purchased arts & crafts, attended many ceremony’s, ate cotton candy, reunited with shipmates, rode carnival rides until the wee hours, reminisced to oldies and fought traffic and tourists ‘til we remembered we had a bike a in the garage.

Nevertheless, for some reason “the Parade” is a big event second only to” the Saturday night fireworks” and both need to be reserved perhaps a day or two or sometimes three days in advance. And so that for that reason only, we plan and we devise; not just where, but how we will “pre-reserve” a place at the parade and/or a face at the fireworks.

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