I am moving, perhaps not all at once, perhaps not permanently; but for now I have set up a website at Perhaps its vanity but I need a place to point folks to when they request a website. I consider it a portfolio site. Although it does have an option for blogging and I am strongly considering that as a replacement to WordPress.  No question that site needs on-going work.

For the moment I would appreciate a visit and please, a quick critique of the format, style or content. I intend that the galleries will evolve as quickly as I have worthy material. The current projects are works in progress.

In any case, let me know what you think?

2 thoughts on “Annoucement

  1. Looks Good Nick.
    Like Sara said, ‘nice and clean’.

    Personally, I think the more simple in layout, the more one’s eye is able to view and appreciate photographic images. And, the ease in which one can navigate around the website or in galleries, the more likely people are to view/shop/follow.

    (Thanks for dropping by & following my own ‘old’ website, but that one is no longer in use. Please see the last post on that website to obtain the addresses of my 2 new blogs. The new one connected to my Gravatar, or name, is Black & White and the other is Nature photography. All can be found through my About pages on each of my blogs).


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