New Project

I have been working on a new project utilizing cellophane, well that was the start of it but it is slowly evolving into a larger concept.

I was thinking about cellophane for its use as an abstraction, a prop of sorts, a means to express an idea or notion about non-tangible properties. Cellophane has been in my life for as long as I can remember, I think it was probably popularized when I was child in the 50s and about the same time as margarine. For the  most part,  I take it for granted when I shop the Internet or buy screws at the home store. It has become the ubiquitous ingredient in packaging.
This project is in a very early stage, your comments will be gratefully received.


6 thoughts on “New Project

  1. Colour shades and textures are excellent – it reminds me of raging bush fires or fire storms. You may not have thought of that at the time of arrangement, but that’s what it brings to my mind.


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