This is hopefully the first of seven pictures. My goal is to shoot everyday this week with only a 135mm lens. The specific lens is an old Nikkor -Q manufactured probably in the late 50’s, likely 1959. I had it modified for my D700 to resemble a nikon AIS. And because it totally manual, it requires a slow process with much thought. After the first day, I’m encouraged with this lens, it compresses but not so much; and aside from portraits I don’t think I’m particularly familiar with it’s angle of view; remember I am not standing in the water, I’m in a comfortable beach chair about a 100 feet away. But I will look into that notion a bit more because I know there are probably millions of 135mm enthusiasts and for sure the 70-200mm crowd often hits this approximation while zooming in and out, but remember this is all about me and my experiment week.

I’m hoping for seven interesting pictures.

Dog fetching.

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