Project 135mm Take-Aways:

  The day before Labor Day at a Lake Michigan Beach
1. I respond to pressure. I didn’t like it, but I did it. I went out every day for a week with a camera and a specific lens and did not quit until I got a picture worth sharing.
2. I don’t think those seven photos were great or even my best, but you don’t get to see the other seven hundred.
3. Intentional photography is hard work.
4. Two approaches to going out to photograph:
* Actualize an idea. (hard)
* Serendipity e.g., R. Doisneau and J. Maisel. (harder)
5. Always do your best. One day is not like another.
6. I will never do a 365 day project. I’m too old, slow and wise; but KUDOS to those who do, what’s seen, done and learned will be priceless.
7. I can’t wait to twist off the 135mm and twist on the nifty fifty…oh wait, I also have an old-timey Nikkor 24mm in my bag.                                                                 Really, a week isn’t really that long, right?

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