Due To the Cancellation of Spring…

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I last posted, Zeppo is at least an inch taller since then. But in the absence of spring, I’ve been looking through my archive, in particular, flower pictures which are something I’ve never really wanted to do but it turns out I could bide time until the weather is clement; and there are a few that I took and like and so; I’m thinking that maybe I should be taking more. So I set up a tabletop “studio” but no, I can’t follow through because unfortunately, my camera is out for repair.

Full disclosure okay, I dropped it, a very expensive “OOPS!” and don’t say anything!

So the next few posts will be some archival pictures that do, or would have motivated me if I hadn’t been so fumblyfumblely, stupid clumsy!


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